vi·va·cious   /vəˈvāSHəs/
lively • spirited • animated • alive • bubbly • sparkling • effervescent

cre·a·tive /kriˈeɪ tɪv/
artistic • imaginative • original • gifted • innovative • inspired


They’re strong, healthy, spirited, generous, artistic and full of compassion.  They’re Vivacious Creatives and they’re changing the world, one meal at a time…

Adele is the gorgeous creator of delicious plant-based wellness site Vegie Head.  She’s been a huge inspiration to me since the very start of my vegan journey – enticing me to experiment with different flavours with her drool-worthy recipes – and more recently I’ve found myself falling in love with her blog, where her writing is honest, deep and oh so beautiful.

You’ll also find Adele talking all things wellness on Health Talks TV (with the also-inspiring Lola Berry), conducting Raw Beauty Workshops, planning Intuitive Cooking Workshops and of course, creating more of the amazing vegan food we know and love.

Please welcome Adele! ♥



How long have you been vegan and what inspired your decision?

I have been pretty much vegetarian my whole life; I was never a big fan of meat or dairy. When I turned 17 I made the decision to be a strict vegetarian, and only ever had the occasional piece of cheese or yoghurt. So it wasn’t a huge step for me 3 years ago when I decided to follow a vegan diet. I hate labelling myself, as I find it so limiting; so instead I like to think that I’m a plant-based food expert!


What’s the best thing about rocking a plant-based lifestyle?

The variety and fun I have in the kitchen, creating delicious things everyday! I feel clean, and healthy, and energetically ‘light’.


Please tell us more about your latest book releases?

I released ‘Vegan Essentials’ over a year ago; it’s an e-book filled with over 30 delicious plant-based recipes, mostly gluten-free, and all simple and healthy! My favourites are the ‘Feta Cheese’ stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Mexican Black Bean Posole and my ‘Better than Reeces’ Peanut Butter Cheesecake.  It’s available here.

I have just released another e-book ’14 days of Nourishment’ which has over 40 juice and smoothie recipes, designed to heal, cleanse and rehydrate! It was based on my original 14 day juice cleanse, and re-written, re-photographed and includes shopping lists. It can be purchased here.

I’ve also just finished writing my first hardcover book that will be published and sold online and in over 40 countries. That will be released later this year and is currently with my food editors and stylists. It has over 100 recipes in it, and I cannot wait until it’s released!!


Vegiehead eBooks



Who is your favourite animal charity/cause/rescue group?

I love Edgars Mission for all that they do and stand for!


What’s the best part of your day?

Waking up every morning, happy, healthy and whole next to my dear husband Paul, and my two beloved dogs, Charlie and Hank.


What do your healthiest food days look like?

Winter differs from summer greatly for me; I eat with the seasons! This is a winters day for me:

Breakfast: cooked gluten-free oats with almond milk, grated apple and spices
Lunch: A big bowl of Ribollita soup
Dinner: My Kaju Vegetable Curry
Snacks: Homemade hommus and vegetable sticks


How do you keep fit and fabulous?

I walk everyday with the dogs for about 90 minutes, I do crossfit three-four times a week, and I try to squeeze in yoga everyday!


What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind?

I meditate twice a day, I light candles, incense and essential oils. I sit with my crystals and have nice warm baths.


What’s got your toes tingling with excitement right now?

I am planning my next round of workshops! I am so excited about this; they are intuitive cooking workshops! I haven’t released dates and times yet, but have filled two classes already! Details are here.


Vegie Head


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