It’s no secret that I love plant-powered health, and stories of kick-ass women doing amazing things in the world. So I’m beyond thrilled to bring you an interview with the gorgeously inspiring Kathy Divine, author of Plant-Powered Women.

Plant-Powered Women is filled with inspiration from pioneering female vegan leaders from around the globe, who share their vision for a healthier, greener, more compassionate world. Click here to check out a preview (and some name-dropping!).


Kathy Divine is an Author who is passionate about sharing the benefits of the vegan lifestyle with as many people as possible. She enjoys interviewing pioneering vegans who are blazing a trail of awareness for others to follow. For a blog full of her interviews with cool vegans from around the planet, see and join her on Facebook. When Kathy is not tapping keys on her laptop, she can be found at the nearest beach, at one of her favourite vegan restaurants (most likely Thai!) or enjoying the quiet of nature.



Welcome, Kathy!


What inspired you to embark on this project?

In 2013 I published a book called Plant-Powered Men, to showcase examples of vegan men living healthy, strong and happy lives. Plant-Powered Women is the second book in the series and is a compilation of interviews, articles and stories from vegan women from around the globe.

The focus of Plant-Powered Women is on conscious leadership. There are many women around the world blazing a trail of awareness and leading the way when it comes to healthy living, compassion for all beings and working towards a sustainable future for all. I wanted to bring some of these incredible women together in one book so they could share with us their vision for the world and the work they have been doing in this area.

I’m inspired by people who make positive, healthy changes in their lives who then go on to inspire others to embark on their own healthy, happy path. We are on this planet together to create a beautiful, peaceful co-existence. Connecting with conscious souls who are ready to make the shift towards compassionate living is my interest, passion and purpose.

What was your favourite part?

Connecting with women I regard as my heroes, mentors and teachers was the best part. It was a great honour to get to know them and create something powerful with them.

What did you learn along the way?

I learnt that we are all on our own paths and that to get to the same place we have all taken many different roads and our own timeframes. I learnt that what we have in common is our innate capacity for compassion for all beings, including animals. When this connection between the food on our plate and where it truly comes from is made, a whole new world opens up for us, and we are never the same again.

I learnt from both Plant-Powered Men and Plant-Powered Women, that a vegan lifestyle not only benefits a person’s health but that it also enhances their overall wellbeing and creates within them a sense of greater purpose. Amazing, positive changes occur within a person when they adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Plant-Powered Women

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