Aahhh, delicious, blissful freedom.  Sweet liberation from habits and patterns that keep us stuck and hold us back from living the life we truly want.

The path to freedom is rarely easy. Often it’s a journey that challenges us to dig deeper, face our demons, and love ourselves enough to create lasting change.

Helping my gorgeous clients find freedom fills me with pure and utter joy, so when I received three interview requests lately on this very topic, I jumped at the chance to share my love for health and happiness – and the hard lessons I’ve learnt along the way…
Three Tales of Freedom

Freedom from Fear

FEAR. It’s such a fascinating topic, no?

As a ‘Soulpreuner’ I feel like I eat fear for breakfast. It never really goes away, but I’ve learnt to be kinda’ glad about that. Without fear, there isn’t growth. Busting through limiting beliefs and showing myself what I’m really made of makes me feel fully alive.

When Kyana Miner asked me to be one of 21 fear-busting warriors speaking in this free global webinar event about Crazy Courage, I was thrilled and honoured. Ironically, live interviews are still very scary for me (hence my nervous excitement in the video!).

Join us here as we talk fears, limiting beliefs, intuition, and truly stepping into our authenticity.

Crazy Courage

From engineer to entrepreneur, Day 3 of the Crazy Courage Interview Series is a story about fear, love, and success. For the next 32 minutes, don’t focus on your limitations. Allow yourself to dream about the possibilities in your own life as you watch this interview.

Rebecca, affectionately called Bex by her clients, fell in love, quit her job, and started her own business. Bex’s story is so inspiring. She had no idea how she was going to create success. But in one short year, she has been featured in the news and on some of the most popular health blogs in the world.

The best part of this interview with Bex is her honesty as she talks about her scariest moments along her journey toward greater passion and aliveness.

– Kyana Miner, CrazyCourage.com

Crazy Courage Expert Rebecca Bex Weller


Freedom from Dieting

I’m sure you know by now that I do not believe in dieting, one little bit!

I’ve shared with you my ‘before’ pics and the truth about diet shakes. For years, dieting kept me trapped in a dysfunctional relationship with food.

But you know what? I’m not sorry that my journey took me there. My experience drives my passion to help women liberate themselves from the same sorts of issues. Knowing – first hand – just how devastating it can be to feel stuck in an unhealthy pattern helps me to be a more compassionate coach and truly understand what my clients are going through.

When STM Journalist Katie Robertson asked me to share my story in an article about the increasing shift in focus from ‘thin’ to ‘fit & healthy’, I was thrilled and honoured.

Join us here as we talk whole foods and motivational mantras, the essence of wellness (inside and out), and self-love.

Fit is the New Skinny

FORGET thigh gaps and bikini bridges, healthy living has become a national obsession. Meet the young “health-preneurs” leading the charge.

Rebecca Weller used to wash down her shame and stress with diet shakes. She forced down non-fat foods in her lunchbreak at the office and then went home to the low-calorie dinners lining her freezer.

The Perth-based cost engineer was just like many women she knew — a neon sign emblazoned with the word “THIN” buzzed and flickered in her mind, taunting her while she ran the numbers on the calories she’d eaten that day like a frenzied tax accountant.

– Katie Robertson, The Sunday Times Magazine / News.com.au

Image Credit: Richard Hatherly
Image Credit: Richard Hatherly


Freedom from Addiction

Sharing my alcohol-free journey with you recently was one of my scariest moments. I don’t think anyone likes admitting (especially publicly!) things they don’t like about themselves.

But the love and support that poured in from you guys filled my heart to overflowing.

I also learnt an important lesson in the process: that vulnerability is powerful. We never know what others are struggling with until we have the courage to share our own stories and demons.

So when News.com.au Journalist Kate Midena asked me to share my story in such an important story about the effects of alcohol, I was deeply honoured.

Join us here as we talk about big, scary changes, and the beauty of hope and new beginnings.


Is Alcohol Destroying Us?

News.com.au spoke to four people whose lives have all been affected by alcohol in different ways. When we asked each of them if they thought the Australian public were aware of just how damaging alcohol can be, the answer was a resounding ‘No’.

“Alcohol is such a huge part of the Australian culture, drinking at every social gathering is just widely accepted as ‘normal’,” Rebecca Weller told us. “I think it’s only when we take an extended break from drinking that we realise just how damaging and unnecessary it really is.”

– Kate Midena, The Australian / News.com.au

Rebecca Bex Weller Health Coach Perth

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, beautiful. Have you discovered freedom from a habit or pattern that previously held you back? How has it impacted your life for the better?

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Three Tales of Freedom

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