My love told me I should write two disclaimers about today’s video:  that I probably (definitely!) had luck on my side that day, and that you should always just walk away from trash-talkers.

haha, yes!  So true.

But I like this example because I realised something so important that day – that confidence comes from deep within. It stems directly from our inner beliefs, and beliefs are something we can change.

If you feel like you need a killer confidence boost, today’s video is for you, gorgeous:


Can’t view this video? Click here to watch on YouTube.


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I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, beautiful. What’s one goal or skill you’d like to master? What are some of the limiting beliefs that come up for you when you think about this goal? What are some affirmations you could use to start to change those limiting beliefs?

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Mastering Confidence!

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