We’ve been blown away by your emails about The Academy and we’re SO excited to welcome you into this space and help you make your successful eCourse dreams a reality!

But, first… what if you don’t know what to create your eCourse about? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

1. Check Your Stats

What are your most popular blog posts? Which social media posts do you receive the most comments on? Follow the clues! These are topics your people are already interested in and want more information on. How could you expand on these topics? Could you provide checklists or templates, or demonstration videos, to help them? Could you lead an inspiring 28-day challenge, or group coaching program?

2. Talk to your Peeps

Conduct a poll! Actually ask your clients, blog readers, and social media followers what they most need help with. What are their biggest struggles or frustrations right now? What could you teach and share with them that would help alleviate these issues? Think about how you do things differently to anything, or anyone, they may have seen out there.

3. What are you naturally passionate about?

What could you talk about for DAYSSS? Which conversations do you find the most interesting? What do you find yourself researching for hours? Harness your natural curiosities and passions. That enthusiastic energy is SO attractive – plus it’ll mean your course is a cinch for you to market and maintain, because you already crush on the topic so hard!

4. What mad skills are you rockin’?

If there’s one thing I see over and over again with my beautiful clients (and myself!), it’s that we’re very quick to forget how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learnt.

Think about your lifestyle, blog or business one year ago. What have you learnt how to do since then? Maybe you make a killer home-made pesto, or ferment ALLLL the vegetables, or meal prep like Boss! Maybe you’ve created a signature mediation style, or have figured out how to make self-care a priority (in less than 20 minutes a day).

Don’t keep it to yourself, beautiful! This is all incredible information that you can teach in your successful ecourse.

Bonus Tips & Pointers to fire up your imagination:

:: eCourses come in all shapes and sizes.

They can include any combination of workbooks, masterminds, live workshops, email coaching, communities, challenges, membership sites, office hours, physical goods, subscriptions, group coaching, webinars, bootcamps, detoxes/cleanse programs, guest interviews, pre-recorded events, checklists, resource lists, quizzes, digital magazines and templates. You’re only limited by your imagination!

:: What have you already created?

Maybe you’ve already created a ton of incredibly helpful content on your blog that you can package up into an eCourse.

:: Don’t let the tech stuff stop you!

My first eCourse was in written format only (no video or audio!), and was delivered via email (manually!) over 6 weeks.

:: Which brings me to my favourite guiding mantra: start simple, upgrade later.

How can you get your course out there quickly and easily, so you can test your idea before you invest a ton of time, money and energy into adding all the bells and whistles?

Remember: your course can evolve and grow with you. We didn’t add a Membership Site to The Sparkle Project until our third or fourth launch. To me, it’s just smart business to start simple and adapt as your course (and business!) grows organically.  Before you know it, you’ll have your own successful ecourse!

Ready to get put your big ideas into motion, ladylove?
Join us in The Academy!


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