In September 2013, my love (Dominic) and I resigned from our corporate careers – on the very same day.

Neither of us booked our first clients in our new career paths. Heck, I hadn’t even graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition yet!

It was a bold, risky move, to say the least. We immediately set about building our businesses from the ground up.

In November 2013, I felt inspired to create a group coaching program. We quickly pulled together the materials and told my subscribers about it.


We named it ‘The Sparkle Project’ and launched in the first week of January 2014.

Being my first group program, I priced it very low. Early bird pricing was just $147, regular pricing was $197. The eCourse included 6 weeks of materials, a Facebook group, and – here’s the clincher – 3 x one-on-one coaching sessions with me.

Ridiculously good value, right?

Even though my email list was quite small, 12 beautiful souls took me up on the offer.


My first 12 paying clients.

Yep. While I’d coached people pro bono (for experience) before that, I hadn’t yet booked my first paying one-on-one clients.

This group program brought me 12 beautiful new coaching clients, all at once. The program was a powerfully transformative experience for them, and they gave me lovely testimonials which helped me to improve, market and grow the program – and increase the price to reflect the true value – in my next launch. Many of these clients also went on to purchase my eBook and other programs – including my premium one-on-one coaching programs.


When you think about creating your own eCourse, what stops you, beautiful?

Lack of time, resources, software, know-how?

Your first course doesn’t have to be incredibly technical. When I launched the first round of The Sparkle Project, the materials were delivered weekly (manually!) via email. We didn’t have a Membership Site, or any of the bells and whistles we have now. And yet, it was an incredible experience for everyone involved.


My point?

When my business coaching clients come to me, they often report that they’ve been struggling to book their first one-on-one clients. If you find yourself in this boat too, a lower-priced group program could give your business that initial boost you need. It can provide you with more 1:1 experience, and gain you glowing testimonials that will in turn, grow your business.

If you already have a ton of one-on-one experience under your belt, but want to scale your business to help more people, eCourses can do that too. Our Sexy Sobriety program has now touched the lives of hundreds of women across the globe. I wouldn’t have been able to coach that many women one-on-one in such a short amount of time.


That’s why I’m SO excited to bring you an incredible toolkit to help you create the eCourse of your dreams.

We’ll dive into content creation, delivery systems, branding and design, payment processing, sales funnels, launch strategy, and (because I wouldn’t have it any other way), how to make the whole experience as fun and stress-free as possible.


Ready to get put your big ideas into motion, ladylove?
Join us in The Academy!



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