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Vegan MoFo and My Veganniversary!

vegan mofo

Whoohoo baby, I made it! It was one year ago – on October 1st 2011 – that I made the decision and commitment to become vegan. During that first month when I was suffering from huge cheese monster cravings, I stumbled across an on-line event called Vegan MoFo – The Vegan Month of Food – […] Read more…

International Veg Food Fair

International Vegetarian Food Fair

When one of the organisers of the Annual International Vegetarian Food Fair contacted me early last week to tell me about this event and that most of the food would be vegan (thank you, Yuni!), I immediately posted it on my Facebook page, shouted it from the rooftops to all Perth Vegan groups and rounded […] Read more…

Wagamama, Subiaco

Wagamama Subiaco

I’ve been to the Wagamama restaurants in London and Sydney many times in the past and always loved them, even though the food hall concept of communal tables can mean that your food doesn’t arrive at the same time as your friends.  The food was usually worth the risk and there were usually only a […] Read more…

City Farm Cafe, East Perth

Perth City Farm Cafe

  Once upon a time there was a hungry vegan who caught the train through Claisebrook Station every morning and wondered about the ‘Perth City Farm‘ rumoured and signposted to exist behind the large stone wall.  An organic oasis and shining beacon of sustainability in the middle of the city??  She was curious, but not curious enough […] Read more…

Vegan Nutella & Banana Parisian Crêpes

Vegan Nutella

  I’ve been to Paris twice in this lifetime (so far) and just like so many travellers before me, it was love at first sight.  Ohhh, the beautiful architecture, gold encrusted bridges, charming canals, breathtaking gardens and fountains, effortlessly stylish fashion, priceless art, romantic music, and incredible, hot, gooey Nutella Crêpes available on every tree-lined city street… […] Read more…

Broccoli & Pine Nut Quiche

Vegan Quiche

  My Mum’s name is Lorraine.  When I was younger I couldn’t understand why people were always naming their egg pies after her. Now that I’m wise and mature (*ahem*), I understand so much more.  Like how cool it is that tofu can masquerade as egg!  Smart tofu! When my newly vegan friend told me […] Read more…

Chana Masala Pizza

Chana Masala Pizza

Oh how I love Winter Friday Night Pizza Experiments! When I read this post by Lindsay Is Vegan and saw what she was doing with Chana Masala appetisers, I got pretty excited!  Serving Indian curry on bread!  YES!  Genius! I’ve always loved this Chana Masala recipe by The Copycat Cook, and thought it’d make the perfect […] Read more…

Mum’s Amazing Vegan Carrot Cake

Vegan Carrot Cake

  How great are Mums?!  I’m crazy about mine.  On the weekend she invited me down to her place so we could catch up and watch the latest episodes of Tough Love Miami.  Have you seen this show?  When my Mum, sister and I watched the first season we dubbed it ‘Skanky Town’ because it […] Read more…

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