Hi, beautiful.
I’m so happy you’re here!

What makes that gorgeous smile of yours beam like sunshine from your face? Your toes curl in sweet, sweet anticipation?

What inspires you and lights you up?

For me it’s a heady combination of positivity, optimism, healthy food, love, laughter, soulful tunes, affirmations, adventures, self-love, kindness, creativity, and sparkle!

You too? Then, beautiful, you’re in the right place.

I’m Rebecca Weller (but you can call me Bex) – Holistic Health Coach, Plant-Boosted Vibrancy Maven, Sparkle Igniter!

I’m on a love-inspired mission to help women transition to happier, healthier lives, re-ignite their sparkle, and fall in love with life again.



But it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

Like most, my journey to health got off to a pretty bumpy start.  In a nutshell?  It went a little something like this:



And now…

Thankfully (sweet heavens!), I finally found my way, and now spend my days living my passion:

:: Coaching my beautiful clients one-to-one via the magic of Skype
:: Guiding a rockin’ group program also known as The Sparkle Project
:: Coaching, creating and mentoring at Sexy Sobriety
:: Providing business coaching & mentoring to more than 80 Australian students of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
:: Writing eBooks like Eating for Energy
:: Experimenting in the kitchen and sharing healthy recipes
:: Embracing my inner goofball and creating demo and coaching videos
:: Teaching workshops and hosting wellness events
:: Writing for online wellness magazines including MindBodyGreen and One Green Planet
:: Co-creating, collaborating (and cuddling!) with the love of my life, Dominic



Oh!  And creating free gifts to help you get your sparkle on, like these beauties:






Want More?

I’m honoured to have shared my love for health and happiness with more than 100 online and print publications, most recently in:

:: The West Australian Newspaper: Perth’s 10 Key Influencers
:: The Sunday Times Magazine: Perth Healthpreneurs Leading the Charge
:: Elle Quebec Magazine: Sobriety – a Feminine Revolution
:: News.com.au / The Australian: Is Alcohol Destroying Us?
:: The Huffington Post: Is it Worth it? Reflections from Being 2 Years Sober
:: Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine USA: New Lifestyle, New Life
:: SBS Food: Chargrilled Vegetable Shishkebabs.
:: Chomp Chomp: Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2015.

Click here to read more interviews, guest posts, features and fun from around the interwebs.

Craving Connection?

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Sweet Love…

Mel-The-Kind-Cook-circle-greyThe gorgeous, generous breath of fresh air, Vegan Sparkles, is qualified in nutrition and working hard to make us all healthier with her beautiful food. I am so proud and humbled to share cyber space with these incredible 3, their massive talent, big hearts, and beautiful recipes.

Melanie Baker, The Kind Cook

Kristy-KeepinitKind-circle-greyBex is an incredible beauty, who is probably the cutest person I’ve ever met. She radiates positivity so much that she glows, or dare I say, sparkles. I am even more obsessed with Bex and her blog now.

Kristy Turner, Keepin’ It Kind

Kristy-KeepinitKind-circle-greyBex Weller is a gal you’ll never forget meeting. You know those types of people – they’re totally present and you know they’re listening to every word you say. Bex is a Holistic Health Coach and is on a mission to light yo’ spark. Her warmth and enthusiasm are infectious and her good vibes, inescapable.

Hannah Jones, Keeper Creative

Shae CantrellVisiting Bex’s website is like visiting a colourful vegan wonderland – so bright, bubbly, beautiful and expansive! She’s here on a mission – to help you get your sparkle back with her program, The Sparkle Project. You can’t help but love her – her smile is glowing and infectious, and her recipes vibrant.

Shae Cantrell, The Vedge

Shae CantrellTake one look at any of Bex’s photos and you’ll see why Vegan ‘Sparkles’ makes all the sense in the world – the woman radiates health, laughter and joy! After inviting Bex into my inbox each week by signing up for her newsletter, I was quickly taken in by her passion and her knowledge.

Katie Smyth, KatieSmyth.com

Kyana-MinerFrom engineer to entrepreneur, this is a story about fear, love, and success. Rebecca, affectionately called Bex by her clients, fell in love, quit her job, and started her own business. Bex’s story is so inspiring. In one short year, she has been featured in the news and on some of the most popular health blogs in the world.

Kyana Miner, Crazy Courage

JulesLocation1Resized-circleI first met Rebecca through B-School, and we bonded over our love of dairy free smoothies! She has a bright and vibrant personality that is just contagious and I just know you’re gonna love her. Yes folks – Bex Weller is one to watch.

Jules Galloway, Jules Galloway Naturopath

Becky CotterBex… You’re a truly wonderful person and your warmth and love radiates through my computer screen and lightens up my day! Keep up all your amazing good work and keep pushing the message of health and happiness! x

Becky Cotter, VegHotPot

PlantStrong VeganYou’re such an inspiration to me, Rebecca. Your beauty truly shines and I’m forever grateful for meeting you and following along your journey thus far. You’re doing so many amazing things. Thank you for keeping me motivated when I’m down.

Margaret Chapman, The Plant Strong Vegan

Alana HelbigBex, you are so inspirational and someone I truly admire. You have found your passion and taken the steps to live your truth. What you have achieved over the last year is truly remarkable. Congratulations. x

Alana Helbig, The Little Green House

Vanessa MillarHoly Vegan-Balls, it’s arrived! The gorgeous Vegan Sparkles has released her new e-Book ‘Eating for Energy’ and it is absolutely brimming with amazing recipes and tips to up your energy levels (we all love that)… It is stunning; beautifully written and makes me want to buy all of the ingredients for all of the recipes in one hit!

Vanessa Millar, Learn.Grow.Heal.

annieThis talented bundle of joy and sunshine has just published an e-book called ‘Eating for Energy: Awaken Your Sparkle’. It is absolutely gorgeous and is packed with tips and recipes to restore health and vitality. I’m thrilled to own a copy.

Annie Oliverio, An Unrefined Vegan

Emily EhlersI dare you to read Bex’ blog without smiling. While some vegan sites can lean towards dogma, Miss Sparkles is a breath of fresh air who just inspires with her contagiously happy personality and her insanely delicious recipes. This book is INSANELY beautiful and made me instantly hungry for yummy healthy food as soon as I opened it… It is stunning to look at, full of healthful information and Bex’ signature delicious vegan fare… It’s a total winner!

Emily Ehlers, EmilyEhlers.com.au

Eating for EnergyI just wanted to say a massive and heartfelt thank you for your eBook. It was the renewed spark that I was craving. I found myself resorting to the same meals, and boring lunches. Even though all healthy, I just got in a rut. Your eBook has saved me! Thank you not just for the recipes but all the other wonderful insightful information. I love your sense of humour too. Keep on sparkling. xx

Alison Newman, Sunshine and Green Tea

AmyBought and read your beautiful book today! Great ideas and inspiration. Making some serious (and a bit scary) changes starting tomorrow. Thank you!

Amy Wright, AmyWright.biz


From Biz Coaching Clients & Mentees…

Leila EdwardsBex is an amazing mentor – she is a wealth of knowledge and is always so positive and inspiring.
Having Bex as your coach or mentor is like having your own personal cheerleader. She is always there to guide and support you in your journey. Her effervescent personality and encouragement will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to take action in their life and get some serious results.

Leila Edwards – Wellness with Leila

Janneke-Williamson-circleBex is an amazing coach and an inspiration. I always left our coaching calls feeling more focused and with a clearer direction. Her bubbly energy always put a big smile on my face.

Janneke Williamson – Mother Nourish

Samantha-Kanizay-circleBex is one of the most inspirational and positive people in the Wellness World, paving the way for women to get their Health back as well as get their Biz on! Every time we spoke I felt uplifted as her voice literally shone through the phone. Her sparkly way of guiding me to get things done had me feeling full of pizazz after every call!
I have kicked serious goals this year, so a big heartfelt thanks to you, Bex. x

Samantha Kanizay – Shred Boutique

Megan GogollBex is a bright shining star! Her enthusiasm and excitement for helping people is truly inspiring.
As a coach, Bex is so beautifully supportive. She genuinely wants to see you succeed and does anything in her power to make your journey a smooth one. Having Bex as your coach is like having a super fun cheerleader right by your side, celebrating your wins and picking you up when you need it!
It has been a big game changer, and an absolute pleasure, being guided by this beauty!

Megan Gogoll – Show Me Your Diamond

Desiree TaylorI just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. You have been such a light and great mentor on this journey and I really am grateful for our coaching sessions and all the handy tips you have provided me with!

Desiree Taylor – Free Yourself Holistic Health

Heidi-circleThank you Bex for always turning up with your genuine happy, compassionate, beautiful self. Your business mentoring was always spot on as you guided and helped me navigate my way to prioritising and achieving my goals. Thank you for helping me stay focused and work out a plan and direction for my Health Coaching Business. Without it, I feel I wouldn’t have come so far, in such a short time. Thank you!

Heidi Freier – HeidiFreier.com

Marylee EdwardsBex has so much sparkle and enthusiasm for life, always leading by example. I feel so blessed to have had unwavering support from Bex throughout my journey so far. She is an amazing mentor and coach who I cannot recommend highly enough.

Marylee Edwards – Wholistic Edge


From Health Coaching Clients & Grads of The Sparkle Project…

BecWardMurrayI knew it would be this program that transformed me and I was right. Knowing your story and where you have come from, it was easier to talk with you knowing you had been through it too.

I’m more confident now. I feel like I’m on the right path and can make the right choices without feeling deprived. THANK YOU!! – for creating this Project and for taking the plunge into health coaching. You are amazing at it. I’m so happy with the progress I made and feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.

Rebecca M – Western Australia

Ildi-Photo-2014-grey-circleI have more confidence, and so much more energy. I now give myself true love and permission to look after me and nourish my body/soul. My mind boggles at how I will be feeling 6 months from now… Wow!

Thank you Bex, it really has been a life changing experience, a true awakening! I now believe that nothing can dim the light that shines from within. I feel amazing. xx

Ildi G – Victoria, Australia

Linda-new-picThanks so much Bex for your guidance and help. I’ve learned how to get in touch with my body and notice which foods don’t agree with me. I feel absolutely amazing – more energy, I can think more clearly, my skin and hair look much healthier. I feel I can conquer anything now and I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life, it’s a definite lifestyle change.

I’m a new ME with a new LIFE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda M – South Australia

Amanda-Roberston-circle-grey Testimonial imageI feel so much more positive. My energy levels are better and I don’t need ‘Nanna Naps’ in the afternoon anymore!

I loved trying new foods and the freedom of adding things in, rather than worrying about what was ‘forbidden’. I’ve been getting others involved in the lifestyle too, making it more fun. I lost 8cm from my waist and gained the courage to join my local gym! THANK YOU, Bex!

Amanda R – Western Australia

Cath-Wilson-circle-greyMy six week journey in The Sparkle Project has been fantastic! Permanent changes have been made thanks to the support of Bex & her attention to detail in the program. The mix of great recipes, daily reflections, and one-on-one chats made the whole experience less daunting. My wardrobe/cupboards/fridge have all had a makeover and the satisfaction of accomplishing this is affirmation I am on the right track.

Thank you so much to the beautiful and inspirational Bex for getting me started.

Cath W – Western Australia

Shirley-Johnson-circle-greyI have changed the way I eat – I take it slower and enjoy what I am eating.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in turning their life around by eating healthier. A very professionally presented program with lots of information, recipes, help, advice, and support. I was very impressed.

Shirley J – Western Australia

Vegan SparklesThis is to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to participate in your project. You were there all the way through cheering me on and teaching me how to stay positive.
For me the turnaround point was when I felt that I was becoming conscious of making different food choices. I started also feeling more balanced and relaxed about my unending “to-do” lists. In fact, I feel I get more done than before, and without feeling drained by the end of the day. I enjoy life more now!
I will stay tuned in to your newsletters and website and I will remember the good work done so that I can hold on to how I feel today! I wish you all the best in love, happiness, life, and work.

R.H. – The Netherlands

Vegan SparklesThank you so much. I really feel like I came a long way in my relationship with myself and food.
I feel like I am out of the ‘rut’ I was in before I started out and I definitely have a lot more tools at my disposal to help me keep on track into the future.
Keep up your amazing energy – you are definitely an inspiring, warm and fun-loving woman.

Naomi – Western Australia

Vegan SparklesIt has been a wonderful journey! I have learned a lot, experimented in the kitchen and started to cook more. I have discovered many amazing recipes, new ways to eat vegetables (the zucchini spaghetti is my new favourite salad now!), and that I love smoothies more than cookies!
Your sparkling program is really a wonderful change in thinking and most of all in acting. I have really opened my vision a lot more (and I was already an open-minded person regarding body issues). I have received many funny and healthy inputs, and I feel you are really a lovely-hearted woman with an important social life-changing mission.”

Melody N – Italy

Vegan SparklesA wonderful, life changing program. I have learnt so much and my life is better in a short amount of time. Food is now a wonderful part of life, not a struggle. I have also lost 5 kilograms. Yay!

Simone – Melbourne, Australia

Vegan SparklesThanks for the amazing program! Your handouts and information are fabulous and rich in content and there are definitely lots of little tips and tricks that help a lot. We are a lot more conscious of clutter in our environment, our pantry and our fridge! I’m much more conscious of fluid intake and of how I feel after certain foods that don’t really agree with me no matter how much I try to convince myself they do!”

Jody D – Perth, Australia

Vegan SparklesEach week I felt so energized by putting good food in my body and taking care of myself. This energy definitely helped keep me on track. I wasn’t perfect, but I also think a great part of this for me was allowing the imperfection and just moving on instead of using it as an excuse for derailment.

Thank you! I want to do it again!

Maya H – Pennsylvania, USA