A Happier Hour - By Rebecca Weller

Wow, the past six months have seen some huge changes to the way I approach my business and life. I guess that’s what happens when you set your mind on a task as large as Writing A Book.

This labour of love has proven every bit as challenging as I expected, and has pushed me to grow as a business owner, and a human, in more ways than I could have imagined. It’s called for me to really walk my talk when it comes to priorities, boundaries, time management, trust, and tenacity.

Because it’s exciting coming up with these big plans, right? And it feels heavenly, dreaming of the finished product. But the hours and hours of devotion required in between those two milestones? That’s the part it all depends on.

As one of my beautiful clients joked the other day: “No-one ever told me that starting my own business would be a crash course in personal development!”

Aahhh, but that’s where the magic happens, my friend. ♥

A Happier Hour is a memoir, chronicling my wellness and entrepreneurial journey – from my decision to follow a vegan lifestyle, to resigning from my corporate career, launching my own coaching business, ending my 20-year love affair with drinking – and transforming my entire life. This is a story for anyone who has ever had to give up something they loved in order to get what they truly wanted.

A Happier Hour is coming this July and I cannot WAIT to share it with you, beautiful!  x

Click here to learn more about the launch and the upcoming book tour!


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